Reiki therapy is a Japanese technique developed in 1922 and is a literal hands-on practice which seeks to place the patient in a state of relaxation; the founding principle asserts that life-force or Qi can be transferred on bodily contact to encourage healing that can help with physical, emotional & mental stress. It enhances the body’s natural healing ability, clearing blockages and balancing your chakras to improve your health, relationships and wellbeing.
 8 years ago I started receiving Reiki treatments on a regular basis for anxiety which I had been suffering from, straight away I noticed that my frazzled and scattered energy was centered, grounded, and calm. 

My mind was more peaceful, and everyday stressors seemed easier to deal with. My relationship with myself and others dramatically improved and i found i  could then safely address the emotional and mental wounds that i had been carrying to cause my anxiety. 

I felt my stress reduce dramatically, which enabled me too see things more clearly and make better decisions for my future happiness. This meant changing the things in my life that where no longer serving me. 
My Journey with Reiki had such a positive impact i beacame immersed in the principles and lifestyle and trained to be a practicioner, as well as studying other alternate medicine and yoga here and in India. My life today looks nothing like it did back then, Im happy living my dream life and Job and im in constant gratitude for all my life has become which is why im so passiobate about spreading the Reiki love. 
I will be holding a free workshop on a introduction to Reiki here at the Well on Sunday the 1st of July at 2pm – Booking essential as there is limited spots