There is a great positive energy that is politely enforced in the community of Bondi, although theres the underlying pressure of belonging in the Bondi Body scene. A lot of us are doing our upmost to fit in with the surrounding scenery; incredibly good-looking men and women with impeccable physiques, advertising their hard-earned success in their minimal clothing/maximal flesh approach.

Here’s the secret. Feel Good First. When you make the small adaptation to your lifestyle to slowly decrease the volume of your ego’s voice inside your head, you can focus on yourself and what makes you feel better than what you do now. Whether you do this through introducing new food to your diet or taking something away, starting a new active hobby whether it’s a class you’ve been meaning to attend or just getting up from the work desk for 5 minutes each hour to stretch your legs, even promoting your own mindfulness through starting a meditation practice or removing yourself from a continuous situation, scenario, environment or relationship that hinders your ability to smile or flourish.

Once you realise how monumental the small increment makes your day
 to day happiness you won’t be able to resist delving deeper to invest in 
the next change you can make to enhance your feel-good feeling! This feeling is as addictive as alcohol, stimulants, food or habits temporarily ingrained, but instead of a temporary fix or high you will receive life long benefits with no side effects.

This naturally leads onto looking better. Good nutritious food makes you feel good, as a result the healthy approach to food makes you look better too! Moving your body in any form of physical activity will make you feel better, again resulting in looking better also!

Creating a feel-good mindset incrementally will silently evolve your physical appearance effortlessly. As a result, you will no longer be trying to look good for others but feel good for yourself. Looking good will be the bonus!