One of the driving forces behind The Well café has been to offer food that 
is as abundant in flavour as it is nutrients. We love the fact that eating can be a pleasure as well as fuel and we embrace balance in all things, sweet treats included.
With this in mind, we use high quality nuts, seeds, cacao and wholegrains as a base for our sweet items. They bring fibre, protein and healthy fats to treats which can often be nutritional wastelands. To add sweetness, we choose fresh and dried fruit for their fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Kate Spina works with motivated clients who want to stop feeling mentally verwhelmed and nutritionally depleted by their busy lives. As a nutritionist and chef, she has a unique skill set that can facilitate positive change and guide her clients towards glowing vitality. Kate is available for consultations at The Well on Thursdays and Fridays.