Feeling Well takes more than just training hard. You can feel well-trained, or well-nourished, relaxed or lean, but you’ll only truly Feel Well if you allow yourself to be balanced across all elements of well-being.

To achieve this elusive balance it is essential to have a certain wisdom or breadth in perspective over the myriad elements of life that contribute to it. The popular term now to describe this perspective is “holistic”. 

The Well staff are a community of specialists who form a holistic team. We’ve got your best interest in mind and your well-being is our passion. Use us in concert to help you Feel Well! We design our offerings and environment to make it easy for you to:
– weave yourself into a warm, and 
supportive social fabric
to build a strong, stable, supple and pain-free body, 
foster a healthy and happy mind. 

My top 3 tips to get more from your relationship with The Well?

1. Schedule another health assessment for a current view of how you’re traveling. 

2. Meet some new practitioners and get a fresh perspective on your routines and fresh eyes on how you move. 
For instance request: a functional movement screen; a nutritional consult; a massage; or a postural and biomechanics assessment

3. Continue learning new skill sets. Eureka moments are close at hand here! Persian yoga perhaps?

Already feeling Well? You may be just scratching the surface! Take the next month to peel back the layers a bit. You may be surprised at how Well you can feel.