Range of Motion.

“ROM”is an industry acronym that stands for range of motion. The degree this abbreviation will be bantered
around amongst a fitness team will depend on the philosophy of the organisation.

At The Well Bondi we have a philosophy embedded in our psyche that strives to guide people toward moving
to their full potential. Needless to say that “ROM” is uttered relatively often!

Underpinning all of our sessions is the goal of arriving at the individual’s optimal ROM by enabling flexible,
yet stable and strong joints and tissues that allow for great mobility and grace in movement.

We aspire to achieve this as a team, by offering complimentary programming with a blend of (for instance) strength work on the gym floor, stability work in the pilates room, centering and flexibility in the yoga room,
regenerative and healing body work in the therapy rooms, and nourishing in the cafe.

Ask Any of our trainers to help you craft a perfect weekly program that will help you achieve your optimal ROMs!

By Radley Spring